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Senior Photographer in Lincoln Nebraska – Rachel, Class of 2014

I have the great pleasure of introducing my second-youngest sister, and total babe, Rachel Erin! I was so proud and happy to photograph her in her senior year of high school (makes it even more amazing to be a senior photographer) and it was extra fun because I know her so well. I always try […]

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Favorite Images of 2013 Weddings: PORTRAITS.

I’ve saved the best for last! Here are some of my favorite BRIDE & GROOM WEDDING PORTRAITS from 2013 weddings. Bride and groom photos are by far my favorite photos from the day. I love bringing the bride and groom together in a way that pulls out the real love and emotion of the day. […]

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2013 Wedding Favorites: HANDS and WILDLIFE

Wedding days include a lot of emotion and expression…and not all of it happens on faces. I really enjoy studying body language, and the realm of communication that happens without ever opening our mouths! So as I observe, I take a lot of photographs of peoples’ hands. They can be almost as expressive as faces, […]

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