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Maybe you're an old soul.
You see extraordinary beauty in quiet, small moments.
You're a lover of story, warmth and art.

Me, too.

Stories surround us. Seeing the beauty and the journey in everything – in friends, in strangers, in handwritten recipe cards and in faded wedding albums – is what stirs my creative soul. My camera is how I surround myself with the stories I crave. Somehow, a photograph can peer into the blazes of a heart, unravel the defenses and speak the language we all have in common.

I was born in this lovely state with its quilted fields, and I've lived here three different times. But, I'm not quite a native Nebraskan either. (It's a long tale involving the military. I'll tell you all of it someday.) I've lived over a dozen different places, but after it was all said and done I suppose was really just looking for a place to call home. So I grew where I was planted, and put my roots down in Nebraska.

I went to college here, studying English and History for the pure love of learning. Then my family grew and was planted in Nebraska too. I married a boy, and now we have two sons, a dog, a few chickens, and a century-old home to live in.

My photography is authentic, warm, peaceful, creative and full of awe. Do these words describe you, too? If you're a traveler, journeying to small and uncontrived places…if your heart's on fire and you have a story to tell…we just might be kindred spirits. And I can't wait to help tell your story with my camera.

From my old soul to yours…

[photos by Jessica Blex]