As a MOM…I know how achingly fast the years fly by (even when the days seem eternal). The photos we have WITH our children (not just OF our children) will grow even more priceless as we all grow older. I also know that one day, maybe many years down the road or maybe sooner than you think, our children will go searching for photos of their mother. What will they find? I know my children will treasure the photos of their mama.

As a WOMAN…I feel the pressure to look "right," with flawless skin, no extra baby fat hanging around, a stylish yet effortless wardrobe, and imperfectly perfect hair. We all have a need to be seen as worthy + beautiful. That feeling can only come from a deep sense of self worth. The incredible portraits we’ll create will help you see your own loveliness.

As a CREATIVE business owner… I know it's important to have powerful portraits that help define your brand, connect with your dream clients, and grow your business. Your portraits will have the right colors, lighting, posing and body language...all designed to enhance your brand and help your potential clients see you on a deeper level. Because at the end of the day, there's no B2B or B2C...we're all humans connected with each other. 

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Here are things I crave: meaningful conversations, quiet spaces, and conviction + action in the things that matter. It’s my goal to serve my clients in an honest + thoughtful way that sees beyond transactions to the spirit of human relationships. 

I lived all over creation growing up as a military kid, but 2017 is the year I’ve lived in Lincoln longer than everywhere else put together. My husband and I have two beautiful sons and a foster care license…so even though “calm” is my happy place, I’m doing the hard work to expand the boundaries of my contentment.

What I'm really discovering (after 8 years in this little biz) is all the ways you and I are alike. This work has given me entry into some truly sacred moments and spaces. However we may meet in this one wild life, the meaning of that connection is always in my heart. 

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Look, I don't care to be "busy." I don't like how the idea of busyness gets woven in with our importance or significance. I would rather be efficient in my work hours, and free to enjoy my life + family in the rest of my time.

Learn about a few of my favorite tools, apps and other resources to make this biz - and this full life - feel a little less "busy."

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