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Jess // Personal Branding Shoot // Creative Headshot Photographer // Lincoln Nebraska

I’ve been shooting a LOT in my home studio and I’m so happy with the way it’s working for me! BOOK YOUR CREATIVE HEADSHOTS / PERSONAL BRANDING SESSION NOW! I’ve had the delight of photographing Jess and her family ever since she and Cory got married a few years back (here are some of their Country […]

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Robert & Bethany’s ENGAGEMENT Shoot! // Wedding & Engagement Photographer Downtown Lincoln Nebraska

Housekeeping note: My blog is back from the dead! Hooray! After **almost a year** of hosting and rehosting and re-rehosting troubles, I think it’s here to stay. So I am going back in time to blog some of my favorite shoots from 2015 and early 2016. Even though I’ve already photographed Bethany and Robert’s wedding by this […]

engagement photo shoot lincoln nebraska

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2013 Wedding Favorites: HANDS and WILDLIFE

Wedding days include a lot of emotion and expression…and not all of it happens on faces. I really enjoy studying body language, and the realm of communication that happens without ever opening our mouths! So as I observe, I take a lot of photographs of peoples’ hands. They can be almost as expressive as faces, […]

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