staff & Team headshots

your team looking their best!

I provide an efficient, positive experience for great looking staff headshots! Your staff portraits can take place in your own office space, and I'll bring in my mobile studio with professional lighting and a backdrop if desired. Some clients prefer to shoot with their own space in the background rather than a studio backdrop. I'll work with you to decide on the aesthetic and style of your images.

Staff Headshot Rates

1-9 people $200 each, 2 images
(or $175 each, 1 image)
10-24 people $150 each, 1 image
25-50 people $125 each, 1 image
51+ custom quote or day rate

These fees are a starting point, and may be adjusted due to your needs. Please get in touch for your own quote!

I can work directly with your staff roster and send all the information for each person to get scheduled. I handle all the communication and answer questions about shoot times, rescheduling, appearance, wardrobe, etc. 

$300/half day
$500/ full day

Let your staff see their photos right away and choose their favorite(s) on the spot.
You'll get your photos back faster, plus you'll have happy employees!
$300/ half day
$500/ full day

Add some casual or candid imagery to your marketing mix, and get some fresh photos of your workspaces. This can include interiors, exterior, and lightly staged “candid” lifestyle photos to show your staff, product and service. Includes all finished images taken in that hour, lightly edited.
$450 / first hour when added on to an existing headshot session ($350/hour thereafter)

$550 / first hour when booked on its own ($350/hour after that)

Offer an updated headshot session as an easy part of the onboarding process for new staff. I’ll create a custom booking link (including your company’s wardrobe and any other appearance guidelines) for them to schedule directly with me. In the studio or your location.
Starts at $200 / person (for 1 individual)

staff portrait / headshot services

Staff scheduling

image review & selection

lifestyle / office photography

new staff onboarding

custom backgrounds

Get extra mileage out of every photo with custom backgrounds from your own space, or from my own collection. 

$250 Custom background library of 10 unique images

$20/image 1-24 backdrop changes
$10/image 25+ backdrop changes
[Higher volume / varying needs are custom quoted]

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